This book is a marketing manual for a new social movement. It is not all geology or meteorology but instead pulls together some of the best scientific thinking on how we perceive this threat in our minds. He argues that we have failed to engage the emotional side of our minds and tries to understand the spiritual and creative stories that could break us out of our guilt ridden, fearful and frozen response.
Eamon Ryan, December 14th 2014 Read full review...​

The documentary style sometimes veers deliciously towards Louis Theroux-type nuttiness. There are no graphs in Marshall’s book and he leaves the science until the end. His point is that it’s not really the statistics that will change people’s minds: it’s the story. Read this book, even if the words “climate change” make you fall asleep...because an evolutionary trait makes us not think about stuff that seems too huge to contemplate.
Victoria Finley, 18th October 2014 Read full review...

Given everything we know about climate change, why are we still ignoring it? George Marshall’s intriguing book, Don’t Even Think about It, offers many answers. Marshall suggests we change the narrative: instead of seeing climate change as a war, we could see it as a quest, which would give people of all persuasions a chance to take part in solving the problem.
Paul Kingsnorth, 20-23rd October 2014 Read full review...

In his intelligent and genial book, Marshall is neither fatalistic nor idealistic about our chances of survival. Yes, he says, we’re wired to ignore climate change. But we’re also wired to do something about it.
Matthew Hutson, 21st August 2014 Read full review...


A wonderfully clear-eyed new book.
Elizabeth Renzetti, 15th September 2014 Read full review 


a serious, thoroughly provocative book [with] wonderfully entertaining moments. Recommended holiday reading. Willow Aliento 18th December 2014  Read full review

Expansive and engaging. Marshall was practicing what he preaches... trying to appeal to readers on a personal and emotional level. His style is relaxed and conversational. He tells stories. And instead of simply citing the writings of scientists, psychologists, and activists, he actually talks to them. Andrew J Hoffman, Winter 2015 Read full review

In 42 engaging, bite-size chapters, Marshall presents the psychological research demonstrating why climate change simply doesn’t feel dangerous enough to justify action and how we can trick our brains into changing our sense of urgency about the problem. His work is a much needed kick in the pants for policymakers, grassroots environmentalists, and the public to induce us to develop effective motivational tools to help us take action to face the reality of climate change before it’s too late.”    Read full review...

As Marshall points out in his absorbing, all-embracing, immensely readable book, something very strange is going on. Tim Radford 8th November 2014 Read full review...

Veteran British environmental activist Marshall travels the world interviewing climate change deniers as well as those working on the problem. His conclusions are unsettling, to say the least. Emotional stories always trump facts, and climate change lacks the inflammatory features of, say, abortion, atheism or gay marriage. An insightful, often-discouraging look at why climate control advocates have failed to get their message across and what they should do. Much of Marshall’s advice is counterintuitive (e.g., drop the apocalyptic rhetoric), but it rings true. Read full review 

he book’s a fantastic, if slightly depressing, introduction to the social and psychological science involved. It also has helpful tips at the end for avoiding a lot of the familiar mistakes climate yakkers make.
David Roberts 18th Sep 2014​ Read full review 


“A real soul searching challenge for us all. Understanding ourselves and our limitations,  meaningfully engaging those holding different world views, embracing both our rational and emotional selves, and  establishing communities of shared conviction may be the only hope for addressing climate change and building a sustainable human civilization. Marshall illuminates the path to embarking on a heroic quest for a just and equitable world. A sobering, yet hopeful book.” Frank DiSalvo, Director of the Atkinson Center for a Sustainable Future, Cornell University.

“Illuminating and important -- makes clear why we continue down a dangerous path of increasing climate disruption, even when attractive, hospitable, alternative paths are available.” - James Hansen, author of ‘Storms of My Grandchildren’, former director of NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies

“Clearly we're not responding to the reality of climate change with the speed the crisis requires. This book explains some of the reasons that could be - and how we might work around them in the short time that we have.” - Bill McKibben, 350.0rg, author of ‘Eaarth’

“George Marshall is one of the most interesting, challenging and original thinkers on the psychology of our collective climate denial. If his advice were heeded, we might just have the courage to look unblinkingly at this existential crisis, and then to act.” - Naomi Klein, author of ‘This Changes Everything’ and ‘Shock Doctrine’

“The science of climate change is easy: burning fossil fuels creates greenhouse gasses that are warming our world. George Marshall reminds us about the hard part: connecting the wellhead to the tailpipe in people’s minds as soon as possible. Let’s get to work. Please read this book, and think about it.” - Bill Nye – ‘the Science Guy’